From out of the west

Posted on November 11, 2012


If we want to know what’s coming at us Around Here, we head down to the shore of Grand Traverse Bay and look.  Our weather almost always comes at us out of the west, swooping in across Lake Michigan, dancing over the ridge of the Leelanau Peninsula . . . and then it’s here.  Babs Young went to the end of Rex Beach Road for this report:  It was a warm and mostly sunny day up here today, but the clouds began rolling in this afternoon and it’s supposed to get much cooler tomorrow with the possibility of snow.  Probably the last warm day for us this year.

This morning Miss Sadie and the Cowboy relaxed in their playpen on the deck. I left the door open for the breeze. We are not prepared to believe that there will be no more days like this during 2012. We did, however, order a tank of propane. Optimism is one thing – the wicked weather of the west is another. Here it comes.