Out on the hills

Posted on October 15, 2012


I’m always going on about the Flat Road, but Babs has been taking the high road.  She writes: This was taken about two weeks ago when the color was just beginning. We’ve had very little sun since then, and lots of rain, so even though the color is good a sunny picture is hard to come by.  This one was taken north of here on Maple Hill Road.  Happy Fall.

I know that house . . . . The first time I drove past it Nora Metz was riding shotgun, keeping up a running commentary on walking to Maple Hill School with Bobby Woolverton in 1921, the sound of her Québécois grandfather’s voice, the way cars used to get stuck and have to be hauled out by someone with a good team of horses . . .

Maple Hill Road has not changed a whole lot in 90 years and it crossed my mind to wonder how I would ever get Nora home if we broke an axle.  I was pretty sure there would be no rescuer coming by with a team.  Still, it was a fine thing to be going for a ride with my very own storyteller.

I keep meaning to find out if that house belonged to Civil War veterans Oscar and Amy (Jackson) Whitney.  My head is full of meaning to.  I am trying to turn it all into meaning.  Stay tuned.