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Getting up waaaay too early

April 2, 2016


This morning sleep went missing. When that happens a person can lie there and think too many thoughts. A person can turn on the lamp and read in bed. Or a person can just say oh the heck with it and get up.

Babs is in Blue Heaven. I am in trouble.

March 7, 2016


Like many people Around Here, Babs Young takes a little bit of northern Michigan with her every time she goes to Florida–which is another thing a lot of people do in February.  Not everyone, of course.  Not Miss Sadie.  Not the Cowboy.  Not I. Babs writes: Blue Heaven is both on Torch Lake and in Key […]

OK, Babs is in Key West – but Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I went to the beach

February 29, 2016


Many people Around Here look forward to the weekly Michigan Picture from Babs. Except when she goes to Key West in February. It's probably obvious that Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I are not in Key West. We did, however, go to the beach.

As the lake turns

February 26, 2016


Due to an error in judgment, I listened to various sound bites from last night’s “debate.”  At least I know better than to have a television.  When the din threatened to overwhelm me, I turned to contemplating the Great Lakes.  Collectively they are the largest body of fresh surface water in the world.  They are larger […]

Babs goes to Norwood

February 14, 2016


Babs Young was out and about in the sparkly day. She writes: It was a beautiful day in northern Michigan today, chilly and sunny. This is the old school in Norwood that is now the home of the Norwood Area Historical Society.

The Road to Barnard, Part 1: Babs captures winter

February 9, 2016


The moment I saw the photo I wanted to know who owned that house, and when the barns were built, and whether that interesting red outbuilding is a repurposed one-room schoolhouse. I remembered exploring Barnard on a summer evening. There was an old cemetery, a church, a Grange Hall. There was a mystery . . . what was it? Something to do with a memorial, something buried . . . I had to go back.