Babs goes to Norwood

Posted on February 14, 2016


Babs Young was out and about in the sparkly day.  She writes: It was a beautiful day in northern Michigan today, chilly and sunny. This is the old school in Norwood that is now the home of the Norwood Area Historical Society


Babs Feb 14 Norwood School

Norwood School, built 1890 (Photo by Babs Young)


Norwood is an engaging community on a bluff above the shores of Grand Traverse Bay.  Once a center of lumbering, then farming, it has become a summer vacation destination with a sprinkling of year-rounders.  It’s pretty quiet there in the winter.

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Babs has posted all her photos from 2015 on Flickr here., which is very handy, as Torch Lake Views was on hiatus that entire year and I know you missed seeing them.  You will like the pileated woodpecker and the birch trees and the sunflowers and the Charlevoix light and the sunset over Grand Traverse Bay and the gulls and . . . okay, you will like all of them.  Enjoy.