The Road to Barnard, Part 1: Babs captures winter

Posted on February 9, 2016


If you are planning a little drive to Charlevoix and feel like taking the scenic route, you will probably think of Barnard Road.  It intersects US 31 a couple of miles north of M-88.  To your left, Norwood Road plunges down to the Bay.  To your right, Barnard Road heads east and then northeast, rising into rolling farmland where the hamlet of Barnard once stood.  Eventually it meanders its way into Charlevoix.  Photographer Babs Young went that way the other day, and brought us a souvenir.

Babs Feb 7 Barnard Road in Winter

Barnard Road in Winter, by Babs Young

The moment I saw the photo I wanted to know who owned that house, and when the barns were built, and whether that interesting red outbuilding is a repurposed one-room schoolhouse.  I remembered exploring Barnard on a summer evening.  There was an old cemetery, a church, a Grange Hall.  There was a mystery . . . what was it?  Something to do with a memorial, something buried . . . I had to go back.

Monday morning Bruce the Weatherman and Andi his Beloved picked me up and whisked me off to Friske’s for breakfast.  It was a fine day, and I concocted a plan.  How would you like to go on a little adventure? I asked, all innocence.  So off we went to Barnard Road.

I ended up with more questions than answers and I’ve spent the better part of the last two days trying to construct a post.  Today you get Part 1.  One day soon you will get Part 2.  The Cowboy and I are exhausted.  We are going to have a nap.

The Cowboy has a nap