Babs is in Blue Heaven. I am in trouble.

Posted on March 7, 2016


Like many people Around Here, Babs Young takes a little bit of northern Michigan with her every time she goes to Florida–which is another thing a lot of people do in February.  Not everyone, of course.  Not Miss Sadie.  Not the Cowboy.  Not I.

Babs writes: Blue Heaven is both on Torch Lake and in Key West. It’s a restaurant down here and one of my favorites. (She has also admitted in a separate communication that the restaurant serves the occasional little piece of Key Lime Pie. Imagine that.)

Blue Heaven - the one in Key West

Blue Heaven restaurant, Key West – Photo by Babs Young

If you inspect the photo closely you will notice something interesting.  There is a little sign that says “Dog Entrance.”

Blue Heaven restaurant - Dog Entrance

Blue Heaven restaurant, Key West – detail, Dog Entrance – Photo by Babs Young

You can bet that Miss Sadie and the Cowboy noticed it.  Once again they suspect that they may have made bad choices with respect to Owner.

I am going to take them for a nice walk. It is sunny out there.  Wish me luck.

Yeah this is better than Key West - Sure it is

Yeah, this is better than Key West. Sure it is. What d’ya think, can we make a break for it? How far can it be to Key West anyway?