Some days are just better than other days

Posted on February 19, 2016


Yesterday was a perfectly lovely day.  We had a good walk under blue skies.  We found the Bay right where it’s supposed to be.  We even found some lichen to show Mr. Tootlepedal.  Finally, I discovered my dilemma before we headed home, and managed to untangle the leashes before I could be flung over the bluff.  This is different from my usual practice.  Satisfactory.

Today was not shaping up nearly so well, but at the last moment I opened my email.  Bruce the Weatherman has been spying on the birds Around Here, and has posted a selection on his Great Eastport Bird Count album on Flickr.  Here are his favorites.  (My favorites might be the bluejays, but I’ll make you go over to the album to see those.)