Posted on July 15, 2014


We’ve been having company. One weekend our guest was Elizabeth Lurie, who unaccountably enjoys walks with the Disreputable Duo. That is how she came to take a picture of Miss Sadie and me at the Torch Bay Nature Preserve.

Gerry and Miss Sadie at the Torch Bay Nature Preserve


We started off on a brisk and breezy morning that warmed right up. The kind of weather that makes you bring your sweater and then makes you sorry you did. Ah well. The wave action had turned up some fresh stones, and the shore was dotted with flowers. When I got a close look at the pictures, I saw that the wild rose was dotted with a beetle. I decided he was a feature, not a flaw, and opted to include him.

What we have here is (top row) Beach pea, False heather with Beach pea, False heather all by its pretty self and (bottom row) Silverweed, Wild rose with beetle feature, and Canada anemone.  If you click on an image you can see both a bigger picture and the proper name as best I know.

That walk with Betty was, um, awhile ago, but it was such a pretty day that I thought I should post it anyway.  More soon about this and that – but at the very least I have to tell you that I’ve been working really hard on my term paper presentation, which is due Monday at 7:30 pm.  I am just the tiniest bit nervous.

2014 Wilkinson Lecture Series