Tiger and the 8 point buck

Posted on November 15, 2012


I am in receipt of a valuable contribution in honor of St. Venison’s Day.  Weatherman Bruce Laidlaw writes:

You seemed skeptical about my report of a deer herd within Ann Arbor. Considering your recent experience with a suicidal deer, I thought I would give you some evidence of the herd. 

Yesterday morning, I let the Tiger out on his back yard tether. Then both I and Tiger noticed a doe in the corner of the back yard. Instead of running for cover, Tiger decided he needed a closer look.

Miss Doe did some stomping, but Tiger kept on coming.

Then Mr. Buck came to the rescue. Since Tiger was not impressed with Mr. Buck’s 8 point rack, I decided to intervene. I went out with my iPhone recording the scene. Here’s a link to the video.   And here are some stills I captured from the video.


Thank you for painting the fence today, Bruce. You can’t tell me the world isn’t an astonishing place. Next: Rob the Firefighter and the Foxes of Lafayette Park – yes, the one in Detroit.

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