First s@#!

Posted on November 13, 2012


And so it goes, the bright leaves of autumn must fall, and after them . . . I always fantasize that we will have a magical first snow, big fat fluffy flakes that land on my mittens and sparkle. The kind of snow that makes me want to turn my face to the deep evening sky and laugh, catching sparkles on my tongue.  Oh well. Here it is, and we will make the best of it. We have already been out and about.  You have seen these steps dusted with snow so often that you are sick of them.  Imagine how we feel.  But we feel compelled to make the diary entry.

We have  cleared the windows on the rental car. (The Cranky Blue Buick is in the tender care of the body shop recovering from its encounter with the suicidal deer.)

Miss Sadie and the Cowboy were shocked to learn that they could not go for a ride in the rental car.  Then what is the point of having it? they asked.  Good question.  The best answer is that while I might walk two miles to the nearest available purveyor of excellent treats, I will not walk back carrying a 22 pound bag of kibble.

At least the howling wind has stopped, and the temperature is in the balmy high 30s (F). There is a patch of blue up there, promising better things to come. We’ll hold you to it, Mama Nature. We have lots of things to get done today.