Some things bear watching

Posted on March 22, 2012


Miss Sadie and the Cowboy spent all day yesterday enjoying the nice weather out on the deck. I realize that Miss Sadie’s ears are back, but that’s because she does not particularly like being photographed.

The Cowboy ignored the camera. He was a resolute Watch Spaniel. No chipmunks would be allowed on the premises.

We had some fine walks and slept well. Today has been overcast with a bit of rain, and we have been sulking around indoors. I am not looking forward to telling them that I am going for a ride without them and won’t be home until late.

Over at Margie Guyot’s place it was another story entirely. She writes: Just looked up from my computer and saw a strange sight. There’s the rabbit I’d let go last week (lower left), Butterfly (one of the young female cats), and Picasso (b&w cat on the far right), watching a deer (peeking out from the trees in the back). A second or two later a 2nd deer came by.

The cats don’t know what to think of the rabbit. They want to sniff it. Sometimes they chase it. Sometimes it chases them! I see Miss America and the rabbit are nose to nose out there now. It’s as big as the cats (in fact, bigger than the 2 young females). Too funny!

Looks to me for all the world as if Butterfly the Cat is sequestered inside a chicken wire fence while the Nameless Rabbit keeps watch. Things are different out on the Flat Road.