Tour of inspection – Grand Traverse Bay

Posted on March 25, 2012


Dawn in the Marsh - Found Painting #1 - Gerry Sell

The warm weather held through Saturday, and it was a great relief to go down to the beach with the dogs and stop thinking about Stuff for awhile.  We walked a long way.  Miss Sadie did some spin-dancing, the Cowboy did some rolling, I inspected.  Lake, check. Sand, check. Rocks, check. The Leelanau Peninsula is stretched out along the distant horizon, just as it is supposed to be. So far so good.

The pussy willows were in full bloom, a little disheveled by the rainstorm of Friday night but apparently full of enticements for the tiniest beach dwellers.

An interesting little plant that I haven’t identified is thriving down there.   Upon close inspection, I saw that it has hairy little leaves and stems, and seems to exude a clear sap that might attract insects. Dunno whether the plant is looking for collaborators in the reproduction process or for food. Life is complex that way, isn’t it? You never know whether a dinner invitation means that you will eat well or be the entree. Anyway, take a look, see what you think, tell me what you know or guess.  (Those glassy blobs are definitely sticky, not raindrops.)

There were a lot of Lost Objects tangled in the beach grass or half buried in the sand.  When we got home I had quite a collection to dump in the trash. It’s sad to see bits and pieces of celebrations end up as litter.

The Cowboy understands how things can get lost while you’re thinking about other things, or maybe doing a little rolling or spin-dancing.

In due course we found Miss Sadie and reunited her with her collar. She would have preferred to go topless, but we were persuasive.

There were also many Found Objects inviting playful interference.  Inspired by a friend who has a passion for embellishment, I experimented with rearranging things. (I’ll make a post of the results at Today’s Prompt. There’s only so much I can stuff into a TLV post before you go wandering off, distracted.)

I hope you had some playtime over the weekend too. Snowbirds – it may be safe to come back now.