Would you like to swing on a star, be-doomp, be-doomp

Posted on March 21, 2012


Remember that song?  Carrying moonbeams home in a jar always sounded really appealing, sort of like having whole galaxies of lightning bugs to read by.  I’m just humming, pay no attention.  We can edit it out in post.  

Mixers. Imagine that.

I am learning another language.  I have been to the UpNorth Media Field Producer I class, and I have seen the future.  I am only one more class away from being able to check out equipment and go out and about prepared to make mischielf in a ten-county area.   

Cameras and tripods and shotgun mics with wind guards

In another week, I could make you a star.  In a very small firmament, of course, but it’s a start, right?  You would have equal billing with the Cowboy and Miss Sadie.  Of course you would have to be Around Here for the shoot, as there is no budget for travel to the U.K. or Denmark or California or other foreign countries.

Joe explains the audio recording options. You got your shotgun mic and your lavaliere and your boom - and your handy dandy Zoom.

This is just the merest sample of all the great toys I will be able to check out. We aren’t even going to talk about the whole trunk full of lighting accessories. Four kinds of cameras. Enough extension cords to connect the whole county.

I know.  You are saying to yourself, Gerry, you have not really mastered the intricacies of a point ‘n’ shoot still camera.  What makes you think you can be a television producer, even for local cable TV???   That is a fair question.  I have two responses.  One: cool editing software.  You can fix a lot with that.  Two: What makes Newt Gingrich think he can be President of the United States?  I rest my case.

I don’t think I’ll be able to be checked out on any of this great stuff in time to take it out to Northport for Benjamin Busch’s appearance at Dog Ears Books on Friday, but who knows?  It could happen, right?  Still, we television producers have to have backup plans.  I’m thinking a little walking tour of Elk Rapids, a sneak preview of the Florescence show at JRAC, the chair Zumba class. 

Louan is promoting a cemetery walk up at Bay View, complete with Civil War re-enactors.  I told her it would work if she would play and sing some period songs.  Louan loves theatre.  Next thing you know she’ll have coyotes (played by the Cowboy and Miss Sadie) and a bear on the set.  I’m hoping she plans to use a fake bear.

Stay tuned.  For that matter, send story suggestions, resumes, 8×10 glossies.  You never know.

Would you like to swing on a star
Carry moonbeams home in a jar
And be better off than you are
Or would you like to be a mule?

Creative artists ponder existential questions like that.