The snowpile in summer

Posted on March 20, 2012


So yesterday afternoon we headed down the path to the Bay, passing the snowpile the plow guy had assembled in the neighbors’ yard.  Pretty impressive, eh?  Imagine what it was like the day it was piled up there.  Now it’s 80°F. and there’s still a respectable snowpile.

It was a great day for having a little swim, if you were wearing a fluffy fur coat, or for sunbathing.

Or for haring off down the beach in search of mischief.  One day I’m going to surprise them and be the one who hares off, taking their supper with me.

The cloud-gazing was good, too.  A fine day for that.

We came back past the snowpile and stopped a moment there to cool off.  Outside air conditioning.  Imagine that.  What will Mama Nature think of next?  And what do you suppose it feels like to be a snowpile in summer?  Whatever it is, I’ll try to capture it for you.  I’m off to Field Producer class.