Wolf Cubs, Tiger Cubs, Bear Cubs, Webelos and the Pinewood Derby

Posted on March 19, 2012


I tell you, there’s nothing so humbling to the amateur photographer as trying to cover a sporting event—and I say this as one who has been humbled in every conceivable way, photographically speaking.  Nevertheless, I persevere.  Next up, the Pinewood Derby.  We had been alerted to this stellar event by a Tiger Cub, our neighbor Tommy.  So there we were at Lakeland Elementary School last Friday.   It was very exciting.  Remember I told you half of Elk Rapids and environs was at the Fish Dinner Fund Raiser?  Well, the other half was here (and will no doubt be at next Friday’s Fish Dinner).

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There were heats, and brackets, and pit crews.  There were rules worthy of the Olympics and paint jobs worthy of NASCAR.  Pit crews, electronic finish lines, piles of pizza boxes.  There were kids, tons of ’em, more than I’ve seen in one place since Rob the Firefighter was a little guy, and boyohboy that was a long time ago.  There were piles of shiny trophies, one of which went home with Tommy.  It was an entirely satisfactory end to a really good day.