A little color for a change

Posted on January 26, 2012


Martha (who has a lot of opportunities to observe winter in the Great Lakes from her perch over in Door County, Wisconsin) commented that as much as she enjoys pictures of snow . . . perhaps a little color would be welcome about now.  She suggested colorful vegetables.  Vegetables???

How about a pileated woodpecker from Bruce Laidlaw’s collection?

Pileated Woodpecker - Copyright 2009, Bruce Laidlaw

And now how about a colorful little lunch?  As it happens I have a nice selection of colorful fruit and a longing for vitamins.  The recipe:

  • Stare into the refrigerator until something looks good.  Pull it out and inspect it.  If it still looks good, throw a couple handfuls into a bowl.  Today that was mixed salad greens.
  • Find two more ingredients that meet the same test.  Chop as needed and add.  Today that was a lovely orange and some enormous blueberries.
  • Top with whatever kind of cheese seems like it might complement the first three ingredients.  Feta.  Feta sounds good.
  • Toast some nuts and add those, too.  Pinenuts.  Burned the first batch.  Toasted the next to perfection.
  • Mush in a little olive oil and a few drops of balsamic vinegar and eat.

Here is your colorful slideshow:

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You will note that I have kept the orange peel and the burnt pinenuts.  That is because I have a weakness for bitter tastes.  I will actually nibble on that orange peel as a snack later on.  As for the pinenuts, I’m thinking they might be salvageable tossed into a casserole with some browned onions.  Waste not want not.  See why you want to be careful about accepting impromptu dinner invitations at my house?  But you have to admit it’s colorful.