Three good reasons for snow

Posted on January 25, 2012


Reason #1.

There is nothing quite so sunny as winter sun on a fresh crop of fluffy snow.

Reason #2.

There is a grace in the way that snow blankets the landscape. Aaron Coleman and I were talking about how glad we were it had finally snowed. I was just thinking it made me feel out of kilter to have no snow in January. Aaron, whose sensibilities run deeper, all the way to wisdom, said we have to have enough snow to protect the earth, like a quilt, while it rests.  The earth rests, that is.  The farmer never rests.

Reason #3.

When it snows, you notice the bones: bare trees, silvered wood, farm equipment waiting for spring.


There’s another good reason for snow, too. It isn’t @&?%# glare ice.