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Pots of preparedness

February 23, 2014


So there I was working on my Errands List when ny cellphone muttered.  Neighbor Nannette was calling to say that she had acquired the flowerpot we needed for an important scientific experiment–and that she was going to make Reuben sandwiches for supper. Would I care to . . . ?  I believe I was knocking […]

Sixteen pasties

October 4, 2012


Cora Stoppert has been having a bit of trouble with carpal tunnel syndrome, and went off to the surgeon for some repairs. The first hand is done. "I can knit again," she announced cheerfully, "but I don't have the strength to cut up rutabagas for pasties."

A little color for a change

January 26, 2012


As it happens I have a nice selection of colorful fruit. I thought it would make a good lunch for me and a change of pace for you. Also there's a woodpecker.

Marolyn Hendershott’s excellent treats

January 23, 2011


There was this icicle, you see, that had been frosted with blowing snow the night before, and it reminded me of nothing so much as Marolyn Hendershott's gingersnaps dipped in white chocolate. You see how I am.

Spaniel prints and Penuche

December 18, 2010


During this morning’s walk through the woods I didn’t even have the little camera with me.  I can post only so many pictures of snowpiles in gray winter light. The dogs were being highly entertaining, but capturing their antics at these temperatures is beyond me. [Note to Scott: Is there such a thing as a tiny […]

Our daily bread – and meatloaf cupcakes

December 8, 2010


Karen, who visits Torch Lake Views on a regular basis and blogs over at Karma’s When I Feel Like It Blog, asked for my advice.  Oh joy!  Someone wants it!  OK, she asked for advice from anyone who happened to drop by her blog that day.  And then I got busy and went away for […]