Seasons of the Writing Studio and Bait Shop

Posted on December 22, 2011


Did you know that George Washington kept a diary? Well, he did, and it was full of scintillating entries like “planted four new cherry trees” and “sharpened hatchet” and “spent entire allowance on coin-toss game.” George didn’t have a camera, but I do. The photos I take—4,969 of them so far this year—are a diary of sorts. They crouch in tidy folders waiting to spill all the household secrets. But not tonight.

Last year about this time Scott Thomas over at Views Infinitum made a year-long assignment: “Show four distinctive seasons from the SAME location.” He didn’t mention which four, so I improvised. He didn’t define “location” either, so you will see the seasons turn from my perch atop those infernal stairs, and, for variety, from the driveway at the bottom of the infernal stairs. I love an assignment with a little wiggle room built in.

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