Do not panic

Posted on December 20, 2011


That is what I tell myself when it is clear that the demands of life are going to exceed the time and resources available. Start the coffee. Go get the paper. Take the Duo for a little walk on the shore. Look at the clouds. Oh look! There’s still a little pink from the rising sun. And the swans are feeding—three of them, nearly invisible as the morning light slants across the silvery water.

We climb the stairs to the top of the bluff and mourn once more for the great white pine, ruined in last summer’s storms. Breakfast, that’s what we need. And a camera. While the Duo scarfed up their kibble and Miss Puss nibbled at her morning pate, I went back out into the day to capture what was left of it. A bit of pink. One swan. The remains of a squirrel’s breakfast. And your snow report. Have a peaceful day.

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