In which we discover a parallel universe and have tea with Marcia Graham

Posted on December 1, 2011


We are going to do this in reverse order, on account of I just know you are dying to read about the Treasures from the Holidays exhibit at the Elk Rapid Historical Museum—and because I know you will read to the end to find out about the parallel universe.

Tea at the Museum

Today there was a tea for volunteers who will be working on the Treasures exhibit. It was a proper tea, complete with ladies in hats and a butler to protect them from the unseasonable rain.

There were excellent treats. I ate before going, as I was there in my capacity as Working Press and felt it would be unseemly to dive into the buffet. Then I saw the tiny lemon tarts and resolve fled.

Marcia Graham thanked everyone who had helped to pull the exhibit together and everyone who had signed up to be docents for the exhibit during December. She is very, very good at Volunteer Management, which is an art in itself.

The only thing I did, besides eating all the lemon tarts, was to take pictures. I want you to come to the exhibit, so I am not going to show you everything. Really, it is an astonishingly beautiful community celebration. I don’t see how you can go wrong.

The parallel universe at the other end of I-75

Such a busy season, and here, in the middle of it, comes Chris with another missive from Florida:

We visited “The Villages” yesterday.  We have friends from Elk Rapids who winter there.  They took us over to the newest development section of the Villages which is going to be called “Brownwood.”  I took a picture of the street sign.  They do “round-abouts” here.  Check out the street names . . .

Those of you from Around Here are laughing really loud, and those of you from Away are mystified.*  I am both.  I wandered over to the website for The Villages and I wandered through the Talk of The Villages message boards and I concluded yet again that all of us have our own notions of The Good Life.  I can see the appeal of the other end of I-75.  I can see the appeal of Oz, too.  However, I have staked my claim in Antrim County.  Remind me of all this when I become morose during Mud Season and you are on vacation at Disney World.

*In the universe at this end of I-75, East Torch Lake Drive and West Torch Lake Drive are lovely two-lane roads that meander along the 17-mile length of Torch Lake. Brownwood is a summer destination—a cross between a miniature Greenfield Village and a flea market with homemade donuts.  In the Parallel Universe, the names belong to streets and a shopping plaza an Adult Resort Community in the general vicinity of Orlando.