Evan, the Last Grandchild

Posted on November 30, 2011


Chris and Sonny are off at the other end of I-75, unaccountably managing to have fun entirely without us.  She writes: while we are here in Florida, I was reading your blog.  [Well I should hope so–if I didn’t have a loyal following of snowbirds no one would want to look at my pictures of snowpiles.]   I have a cute shot of our new grandson Evan.  And she did, too.  Looky here:

Evan was born on October 30th and is the Last Grandchild.  But that’s all right, Chris adds, because We are now blessed with 3 boys and 3 girls!   Sigh.  Some people have all the grandchildren.  Then she says she’s all signed up for her new internet and TV.  I get it on the 16th, how bout you?

Aha!  I may not have grandchildren but by golly I am supposed to be happily connected on December 15.  Jeff Berlin, the Charter Sales Guy, was in the neighborhood today doing followup.  He climbed my 22 steps and caught me in my least fetching loungewear (a ratty blue sweatshirt and even rattier navy sweatpants with bright green slipper socks and an olive green corduroy shirt).  I was  staring at the monitor with my fingers poised over the keyboard, completely paralyzed, rummaging in my brain for a word.   I jumped three feet straight up when he knocked on the door.  At least I was working.  I could have been lying on the couch reading the dogs a storybook.

So anyway, Chris?  I think both of us will be hooked up to the rest of the world in a couple of weeks.  Not a moment too soon, either.  I sent off a story to Dave Lein about the Traditions from the Holidays exhibit and it took me an hour and a half to send the photos.  I could have driven them to Traverse City and stopped off for a nice cup of tea at Zakey’s while I was at it.