Kidder Road – also at peak of perfection

Posted on October 10, 2011


Babs Young thought you might like to see October in Michigan from the overlook on Kidder Road.  I expect she’s right.  You might want to click on the photo to get a bigger version.  I would if I were you.

It was not easy getting this posted, no indeed, but Babs and I are crafty.  My ISP and her ISP do not always play nicely.  We have a workaround.  If that ever fails, I believe I’m going to look into making postcards.  I could send you a nice little packet each week–real mail in your real mailbox.  Probably wouldn’t be any more trouble than dealing with the current state of the infrastructure in the Township.

Now, having spent a good deal of the morning on all this, I’m off to see about the Car Issues.  Will the delights never end?  Must maintain equanimity.  Perhaps I’ll take the Duo for a walk over on Kidder Road.