Peak of perfection

Posted on October 9, 2011


That’s October for you.  The leaves are dazzling, the sky is blue, the boat hoists and docks have been hauled off the Bay.  The pears are ripe.

We took a long walk this morning.  The Cowboy went for a swim.  Miss Sadie did some spin-dancing.  I drank a cup of coffee and took no pictures at all.  Right now every window in the house is open to let in the delicious breeze.

I’m tucking this post away for the next time I need to remember that sometimes everything seems to go right.  (The last time I needed to remember that was yesterday, when I discovered that the car I had just expensively repaired has Issues.  I am determined to maintain my equanimity until Monday, when I can Take It Back.)

Here, have a nice pear.  Skritch Miss Puss behind the ears.  Look at those leaves . . .