Maybe it’s just me

Posted on September 5, 2011


I know, I know – you were expecting Babs today. Well, she is Away. She will be back. In the meantime, well, it is just me. However, I’ve been accumulating little bits and pieces that just . . . tickle my funny bone.  I thought you might enjoy them too.  First we have this clipping from the November 28, 1935 Central Lake Torch:

For those of you from Away, I should say that our little townships did not have Official Government Buildings until somewhat recently.  Back in the day, township treasurers worked out of their houses and found space to hold “office hours” where they could.  So there was Harry, accepting your property tax payments at the funeral home.  Still—makes you think, doesn’t it?

Next we have these photos of the shelves of an Antrim County grocery store that shall remain nameless to protect my ability to continue to buy kibble and coffee there:

Calorie-free, No Carbs

Is it just me? Or is displaying the S'Mores makings right above the Calorie Free stuff just perverse?