Spuds ‘n’ such

Posted on September 6, 2011


Babs, who has been Away, came through Kalkaska on her way back.   She writes:  This is harvest time and there is no place like the Cherry Street Market in Kalkaska for produce. I had to stop there today on the way home from Ohio. Thus the picture is a few days late this week.

Cherries and apples may be the glamor crops, but potatoes and onions are fundamental to life in Michigan.  We figured out we could grow those even when practically everything else failed on the sandy cut-over timberlands turned over to farming.  Besides, no matter what anyone tells you, potatoes are the staff of life.  They taste good.  Anyone can cook them.  Anyone.  I am living proof. I would give you a good potato recipe, but why?  You don’t need one.  You know how to cook potatoes.  It’s one of their charms.  Now eggplant, that’s another post entirely.