What d’you suppose we’ll get up to in 2011?

Posted on January 1, 2011


And will it be a patch on 2010?   I know you suspect I’ve been lazing about the place eating leftover bonbons and reading mysteries, but I’ve been poring over a year’s worth of posts and comments.  What did I love best? What struck a chord with you? And where did I hide those pictures of mushrooms anyway?  It was like being in the attic all over again.

Here is an odd assortment of memories of 2010.  There is no theme, no organizational principle.  I picked some things I liked, pretty much the way I pick a bouquet of wildflowers.  I thought you might like to be reminded of these things, too.      

Then there’s Katherine’s portrait of Sierra. I had it in the collage, but I thought it deserved a place of its own.

Finally, back in February Babs stopped to make a photo of a nice old house sitting by the side of the road, humming to itself.  It turned out well.  She sent it off on a Sunday night, her weekly gift to all of us.  I like to earn my keep around here with a line or two of prose, so I trotted off to see what I could learn.  People who loved the house told me its stories and sent me to more people.  One thing led to another, and when it all came together, the post resonated beyond what I could possibly have imagined.  The Yellow Brick House is my favorite post. 

But wait, wait – where are the pictures of the beach? The apple orchards? The cherries and apricots on the trees? Where are the cute little kids, and the crotchety Civil War Veterans? Where is the snow? Well, I figure we’ll have a bit of all that here and there throughout 2011. Who knows what else we’ll find out there? Happy New Year.