Out and about in the drumlins

Posted on November 9, 2010


I have spent most of the last two days up to my eyebrows in online history journals and monographs on odd subjects and the Duo announced that it was time to get out of the house. They are always right about this. So off we went, into the sunshiny day. The usual circuit–through the woods, down the access path, and back along the beach–yielded the usual interesting things to look at, but you’ve already seen all that. I do not wish you to become jaded. Here’s something you don’t see every day, though, at least not around here.  A clean, fluffy dog. Makes an interesting contrast to the Cowboy, eh?

Then there’s this frog, blathering on about something to the admiring bog.

OK, it’s not an amphibious frog. It’s sort of a mimeto-frog.  It’s what the toasted marshmallow fungus has turned into. I’m keeping an eye on it for you.

I had hoped to bring you an instructive post about Egypt–Wendi Wooten just got back from her trip, and had people in for dinner and show and tell last night–but the sheer grandeur of the experience defeated me. It turns out that Wendi has been studying up in preparation for the trip, and that she is an accomplished photographer, and that she even knows how to make paper.  All of this ties in, and I learned so much my head hurt for a long time today.

So. We are going to work on a travelog for you. We’re going to save it for January or February when you’ll really need it. (Daytime temperatures during the entire trip ran 105-110 degrees F. Gives me the fantods just thinking about it.)  You will be astonished at the things you will see.   OK, you’ll probably be expecting camels and pyramids and you will not be disappointed, but that’s just the beginning.  Promise.

Meanwhile, here are some views from the top of Stone Circle Drive just last evening.  I don’t know which was more satisfactory, the sunset or the homemade chicken pot pie in its cunning six-sided pie pan.  Fortunately, I had a heaping helping of both.

I debated whether to show you the restrained, tasteful sunset image or this flashy number.  You know how I am.  Now I have to go over to the Township Hall to see what the Planning Commission is up to.