Talkin’ trash

Posted on November 11, 2010


I am in Hunker Down Mode.   Clear the accumulated stuff out of the garage so I can get the car in there when it snows.  Bundle up all the recycling and take it to the transfer station.  Why on earth do I have all these cardboard boxes? 

Oh yes.  I have them because I am paving the road to a warm place with good intentions, like flattening and bundling boxes for recycling.  This is the week to turn intentions into reality.  Mickey says he’ll bring the old car around and load up all the cardboard.  There’s some junk, too.  Odd pieces of an old vacuum cleaner.  A rusted realtor’s sign I dragged out of the woods.  We’ll go off to the recycling center and then, filled with virtue, go out for a good lunch, my treat. 

If you are from Away, this is probably all very mysterious to you.  Why don’t you just put it all out at the curb and be done with it? you are wondering.  Well.  There is no curb.  And there is no taxpayer supported garbage truck making its rounds.  When a person lives Up North, a person must retain a waste hauling company to pick up the trash.   Most of them charge by the bag plus a monthly fee.  A person may also take the trash to the transfer station and pay for the privilege of dumping it in the compactor.  A person must pay extra for anything that does not fit in the prescribed bags, and a person must pay a LOT extra to have dead appliances hauled away. 

There are advantages to this.  I think it is good to factor in the cost of disposal when contemplating replacing something.  We buy these red-orange bags in packages of ten for $23.  Put stuff in them that we don’t want–thoroughly chewed dog toys, coffee grounds, styrofoam packing materials, dead birds–put the bags out by the road early on Friday morning and whoosh!  They vanish.  I love my waste hauler.   I used to have a different one but we had irreconcilable differences. 

I don’t generally make a lot of garbage, but this week I am the Garbage Queen.  Three bags full so far, and another begun, and I still have tomorrow’s pitching frenzy to go.

Then I can turn to the windows.  I have to wash them.  There’s no way around it.  Then I can tape big sheets of plastic over them and caulk around them.  The doors are a different, and larger, problem.  Remember the comforters I acquired the other day?  They were not for the beds.  They are going to be giant draft protectors.  I haven’t gotten them on drapery rods yet, but the Cowboy has already given them a tentative paws up.

I had planned a somewhat more elegant decor for my little retreat in the woods.  Ah well.  Matching draft protectors will have to do.