Storm report

Posted on October 27, 2010


Katherine, who lives on Torch Lake, wrote:  The raft blew away, we lost power, it rained horizonally, but then the sun came out.

Lois Dawson wrote that she picked all her raspberries before the worst of it.  A big dead ash tree toppled in their woods, and lots of branches came down.  No photos.  (I have photos.  Lois has raspberries.)

This is the spindly tree I had to get off the road before I could get out and about.  You would be surprised how difficult it can be to wrestle even a little tree off its chosen resting place.  Fortunately I have a low center of gravity.  Good leverage.

It was worth the effort to get out, because the light was exceptional.  The wind was blowing around so that the sky was full of rain and dark clouds one moment and sun the next.  Perfect rainbow weather.  The problem was finding the right vantage point.  Pesky wire. 

I do not have Photoshop.  The only way I could get rid of the pesky wire was to crop it out.  Pretty, but completely unsatisfactory.  I like context for my rainbows.

The rain turned dusty fields and spent orchards into all kinds of golds and russets. 

There were more little trees down in the driveway when I got home, including a fragrant cedar.  No photos of those–I was busy. 

The wind blew all night, and it’s still blowing.  This morning we went down to the beach to see what we could see.  I captured sand devils chasing each other north along the beach.  More were whipping my bare ankles from behind, and it hurt.  That was when it dawned on me that this was perhaps not the best weather for the little camera.

It is still blowing, and I’m tired of the sound.  Dark clouds blow in and keep moving, right over the drumlins.  Patches of blue flash and vanish.  The waves toss and roar down on the beach.  Everything’s in motion.  Time for me to get going too.  Kaye Arnold has promised me stories.