Daugherty at the cider press, pickers in the loft, chestnuts in the casserole – must be the Providence potluck party

Posted on October 26, 2010


It had begun to rain over at Providence Farm. This was a letdown. Who wants to go for a hayride in the rain? Or visit the piglets? Or make apple cider? Heh heh. Turns out pretty much everyone around here was up for it. OK, we skipped the hayride. But we did all the rest, and ate every bite of an enormous potluck supper laid on by the friends and volunteers of the farm. Even if you are from Away, you have met some of these people in the pages of Torch Lake Views. I thought you would enjoy the party.

Below, for example, is Daugherty Johnson, sculptor of howling wolves, master of tinkering, tireless supporter of the local sugarbush and orchards and farms. He knows stuff, and he knows other people who know stuff, and what they don’t know already they are good at figuring out. On this occasion, Daugherty and able assistants were pressing cider with some Highly Traditional Equipment.

Next we have Lois and Gary Dawson, preparing to set up a canopy. They also brought an enormous pot of bean soup, a large casserole, and excellent attitudes. Wherever someone is busy doing something worthwhile you will find a Dawson or two in the mix.

Inside the barn Andrea Romeyn, Providence farmer, was painting faces. Face-painting was very popular at the party. I considered having mine done, but thought better of it when I realized how much paint I would have to scrub out of the character lines that adorn my face.

Next we have the casserole of butternut squash, apples and chestnuts contributed by Bob and Sheridan Haack, gentleman and gentlewoman farmers at the chestnut orchard. I failed to get a decent photo of the Haacks, and I failed to get the recipe for their casserole, but it was delicious.  (To make up for it, I refer you to the recipe collection at Chestnut Growers, Inc.) There were three long tables full of such offerings, and we ate ’em all up.  

Next is the dizzying view of the loft where musicians played. You’ve met Robin and Pam Luce before. That’s Robin on the harmonica. Pam was down below surrounded by people admiring her beautiful dulcimer. I made my way up to the loft and took a photo of the Man in the Black Hat.

There was more, of course, and I’ll make a whole page of the rest of the photos but not right now. Right now I have to get to the post office before the big wind becomes a big tornado and drops my house on a witch. Or something like that.