A Victorian mystery

Posted on October 10, 2010


I suppose it is possible to go for a simple walk and come back refreshed and unpuzzled but I often come back with my pockets full of questions and a lot of odd photos. Why should I be the only one wondering about these things?

This caught my eye.  It looked to me exactly like a piece of Victorian jewelry–the kind meticulously crafted from someone’s hair and a bit of wicker. Mourning jewelry, perhaps.

Up close it looks a bit like the Cowboy after a roll in something smelly, doesn’t it?

That’s not what it is, of course. It’s another of the astonishing mushrooms that keep sprouting this fall.

I have to say that it’s a challenge taking a photo of something bright white and jet black in failing light. On the other hand, playing around with my rudimentary photo editing tools in an effort to help you see what I saw led to yet another Halloween image.

I tell you, those Victorians had a well-developed taste for the macabre. I like that in an epoch.