Seven feet tall and it’s gone missing?

Posted on October 9, 2010


I am in receipt of a communication from Loraine Mottern, the energetic Master Gardener of Eastport. She writes:

The Elk Rapids Garden Club is looking for a missing Blue Star Memorial Marker that was placed somewhere along US-31 in Elk Rapids after WWII. The stone marker is seven feet tall, four feet wide and four feet in depth with a brass plaque.

Whoa! Loraine goes on to explain that the marker was part of the National Garden Club’s Blue Star Highway memorial to World War II veterans. We don’t know exactly where the marker was placed, she continues, but we suspect that it was moved when US-31 was realigned in 1953 and then finished in 1958. If the marker can be found, it will be rededicated.

Loraine attached a photo of a memorial marker similar to the one they’re looking for, as no one can find a photo of the actual Elk Rapids marker. No one knows who ordered it or paid for it. No one remembers where it was, or when it was dedicated. This begins to sound like one of those Stephen King stories where everyone is in on the gag except the hapless reader, who grows increasingly befuddled and/or terrified as the plot thickens.

I’m pretty sure an investigation is called for, but it’s suppertime and I have Swedish sausages made by Sonny and a fine tomato grown by Ryan and a whole bag of McIntosh apples, so it will have to wait until tomorrow. I will let you know what I find out. Meanwhile, if anyone knows the deep, dark truth about all this, kindly meet me in the practically underground garage at the Writing Studio and Bait Shop and whisper in my ear.

I can tell that Loraine isn’t going to let this go, and I don’t blame her. Look how much time I spend tracking down Civil War veterans. Besides, if she finds it, Loraine’s going to make sure the marker is resettled in a nicely landscaped spot. There are a powerful lot of spots along US-31 that could use some fluffing up, so I’m on the case. (Seven feet tall?!?)