Ribbon road, take me hooooome . . .

Posted on September 20, 2010


. . . to the place where I belong . . . I’m always talking about our ribbon roads.  For those of you from Away, this is exactly what I mean.  Babs writes: This is Atwood Road looking west from the top of a hill, and US31 is where the stop sign is located. This the beginning of the Breezeway which goes from here to Boyne City.  I was using a very long lens that makes it look much shorter.  This is probably close to one half of a mile or more.
This is going to be a great day.  I already talked to Dorothy Westover, which is always fun, and then I opened the Babs Report and saw the ribbon road in all its glory–thank you Babs.  Thank you Dot. 
This is a good opportunity to remind you that the Breezeway is a good way to get from here to there.  It’s also a fine place to meander during Color Season.  There’s even a special Harvest Tour scheduled for October 16.  You can read more about it and download a map at the Ride the Breezeway website.  You don’t need a map, though–just turn east at Atwood the Adorable and follow the unfurling ribbon.