I get by with a little help from my friends

Posted on September 21, 2010


There I was in a swivet about the presentation to the Wilkinson bunch when Lois Dawson called.  It was time to stop working on the slideshow now, she told me.  I needed to forget about it for a little minute.  Would I like to come over and go for a walk?  She was making some raspberry tarts to bring to the presentation.  She and Gary would get there early to help set up. 

Well.  I instantly felt better.  I did not go over to the Dawsons’ for the walk, which is too bad, because it would have done me a world of good, but I did stop obsessing over the slideshow and I did take Miss Sadie and the Cowboy for a nice little romp down on the beach.  Then I went over to the Township Hall and had a good time.  I did not take any pictures because I was busy gabbing on about Civil War veterans, and you know how I can be about them.  But here’s a picture of the first slide in the Powerpoint presentation, just so you have an idea.

Lois had not only made lovely bite-sized tarts, but she brought me a little box of them for my very ownself, which she tucked in my car. Also raspberries. Fresh raspberries. So I can show you those. OK, I can show you some of those. I’ve been into them.

Loraine Mottern brought cookies and Jim Mottern made the electronics work. Other people brought cookies, too, and they were good, but they appeared magically and I do not know who made them. 

Babs was there, and Betty Jo.  Dick and Jane Saul.  Glenn Neumann came because we horse-traded and Betty Hoover came because she is also put upon by Civil War veterans. We’re going to do some collaborations. The Dawsons you already heard about, and Dorothy Westover came down from Petoskey and brought another Dorothy, who looked as if she thought she’d waked up in Oz.  The Usual Suspects were out in force from the Wilkinson: Betty Beeby and Mar DeTar and Dick Hendershott and Norton and Marylee Bretz and Bobbie Patterson and Nora Metz and Connie Claar. 

Besides the excellent treats there were nice surprises. Roger and Ayako Rowen came all the way over from Leelanau County for the event. Bud and LouAnn Arnold came up from downstate and brought cousins. Wendi Wooten came and managed to get Terry to come too.  And there were more but I’ve forgotten who, the way I forget everything, and I hope you’ll forgive me if you’re reading this. 

After all my whining, I thought you’d like to know it went OK.  I did not humiliate myself.  This is good.  So now the whole slideshow is going to be available over at the Wilkinson and at the Central Lake Library and anyplace else anyone wants to have it.  No treats, though, excellent or otherwise.