TLV Sunday Evening

Posted on September 19, 2010


It got cold Labor Day weekend and in spite of my confident predictions it looks like it’s going to stay cold.  Not cold cold, you understand, just normal fall weather, but I was sort of counting on some nice, warm days in September.  Everyone is pulling boats out, getting them shrink-wrapped, Closing Up For The Season–except for this one, hopeful guy.  Maybe he’s just a procrastinator.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

I have been to places with cloudless skies. In February or March I long to visit such a place again. But I could never live there. I need this.

It was good to take a little time off, play with the dogs, feel some sun.  I have definitely been spending too much time at this keyboard.  So Miss Sadie and I were enjoying ourselves in a peaceful, ladylike way, strolling along, conversing in our way.  We found a good place to sit and think.

Naturally the Cowboy took advantage of our blissful distraction and found a good spot for a thorough rolling.  He came up extremely pleased with himself, with a gull feather twisted into his fur.   I would give just about anything to be that pleased with myself, just once

Ah well.  Maybe next week.