Brisk and breezy

Posted on May 8, 2010


This is what it looked like this afternoon at our favorite overlook.  No s#%@ here, but plenty of Weather.  (There was snow and sleet over in Alba and down in Cadillac and up and down I-75.  I’m glad I decided not to go to Detroit for Mother’s Day.  I’m glad Joanne and Tom are resting peacefully in Demopolis rather than slogging through the Weather.)    

We might have gone for a longer walk, but I had managed to run out of dog food.  This is quite a trick for a person who works at the Eastport Market.  Miss Sadie and the Cowboy were not amused.  I headed out to rectify my mistake.  Somehow I ended up at Sonny’s, probably because I wanted comforting.  Sonny gave me a sample of his spicy jerky, fresh from the smoker.  I didn’t even know he made jerky.  How do I manage to overlook these important matters? 

It was very good, but I resisted.  Chris showed me her stock of cheerful garden stakes.  I loved them, but I resisted.  Even the grasshopper.

Instead I bought a spicy BBQ pizza, a 6-pack of Red Stripe lager, a bag of chocolate chip cookies, a bag of Terra chips, and two plump sausages.  There is only so much resistance in me, and Sonny is talented at making sausages.  I felt comforted.  I almost forgot the dog food.

We all had an early supper, went for one more walk, if being blown down the road by blustering winds may properly be called a walk, and called it good.  I am unsettled by the Weather.  The wind wheels around to come pouring down the Bay from the North, the waves push farther up the beach, churning the sand beneath them, the stars are hiding out.  It’s May, for heaven’s sake, and Mama Nature is on a tear. 

I think I’ll go to bed early and read some more Aldo Leopold.  Sand County Almanac is one of those books that wears well.  A person can reread it every five or ten years and find something new each time.  Burrowed under the covers, a dog on each foot, a cat on the nightstand, I am comforted by Leopold’s voice.