Happy Mothers Day

Posted on May 9, 2010


It’s a bouncy, sunny day in the drumlins and we intend to make good use of it.  It began with a lovely surprise.  The Gotts, the neighbors across the way who visit only on weekends and as many summer days as they can manage, brought me a Mothers Day daffodil from their garden.  Thank you!

I put it right next to the monitor where I can admire it.  When I took this picture I was working on today’s update of the Great Bike Trek. 

And here is an iris that holds an angel.  Or maybe a faerie.  Pretty wings either way.

It was blooming at the iris farm up on Farrell Road, another of those labors of love that grace this part of the world.  One day soon I’ll write a whole post about that.

Happy Mothers Day Bonnie!  Happy Mothers Day Mary!  Happy Mothers Day Co-Mother-Outlaw Sue!  Happy Mothers Day to everyone who tends a child, who loves a child, who teaches a child about the wonders of the world.  Happy day of tenderness.  And thank you.

I miss you Mom.  And I feel your love still.  Thank you.