Warm enough to snow, cold enough to blow

Posted on January 11, 2010


Mama Nature is at it again. Hard to decide, isn’t it, whether to wish for clear, sunny winter days that freeze your glasses to your face or for a little warm-up that, inevitably, leads to more snow. Not that it matters what we wish, I’m just saying.

Colder or warmer, dogs must be walked, and off we went into a grayish morning. Surely, I thought, I could find something interesting to tell you about, and while I was wool-gathering, Miss Sadie and the Cowboy made good their escape.

This was not an enormous problem, for they were not in the woods, where I am reliably informed coyotes have been yipping at night, but down on the beach running around in broad daylight, giggling to themselves.

Fine. We would walk home along the beach, playing hide and seek along the way. You see the challenge. The beach in flat light is almost perfectly designed to camouflage the Disreputable Duo.

Still, I knew I would win in the end. I am the Keeper of the Treats. The Keeper of the Treats almost always wins, particularly when miscreant dogs have not yet had their breakfast. 

I suspect this is a truth that operates as often in commerce and politics as it does at the Writing Studio and Bait Shop.  I ask you, on a day like this, when the snow is not so much falling as slouching down the sky like a teenager bored with himself, what would you do for a nice bit of Carol Park’s Scalloped Pineapple Casserole?

That’s what I thought.  Here, this is for you.  How do you take your coffee?