Wintershapes and the best-laid plans

Posted on January 12, 2010


Instead of chasing dust bunnies and scouring the bathtub I’ve been making a collage of soothing images. I became so absorbed in the pastime that I completely forgot to go to the UTLA potluck, which is a shame, as the people who bring hot dishes know what they are doing in the kitchen. It’s easy to get sidetracked and let good intentions float on down the stream. That is why there are seldom more than two or three people in the audience at Township meetings, and one of those would be me. (I will do almost anything to avoid dust bunnies and scouring.)

At a recent Planning Commission hearing the members groused that they had spent more than a year working on changes to the Zoning Ordinance in long, tedious monthly public meetings but hardly any residents came to watch the process and Give Input. Then—and this is the part that really frosted them—they held the public hearing on the proposed changes and a whole lot of people came and told them they’d gotten it all wrong, which seemed very unfair.

Maybe, maybe not, but they went back to the drawing board and if you have an interest in the controversy over noise from wedding receptions at A-Ga-Ming and its relationship to 50-foot setbacks in a PUD and the heedless creation of Nonconforming Properties you might like to be at the meeting tonight (Tuesday, January 12) to Give Input on the latest version.  Or, you could tend to the dust bunnies and scouring at my house and I’ll tell you all about the meeting when I get home.  Right now I’m going to meditate on the soothing images.