It hath snown

Posted on December 9, 2009


When Miss Sadie and the Cowboy woke me up this morning, the predicted blizzard was here.  We went out to get the paper.  So far, so good: my Record-Eagle was in its bright green holder. Dean Peters must drive a tank. I headed back to the house, assuming that the prospect of breakfast would bring the dogs right along with me.  Ha.  They frolicked.  I trudged.  They hid.  I found.   

They hared along cross-country to foil pursuit.  I tracked them, climbing uphill puffing and cussing, getting my Record-Eagle wet, grabbing a small tree to haul myself up, shaking all the snow off the tree and down my neck.  Eventually I caught up to them, as they’d wrapped their leash around a tree. 

I should have been wearing my snowpants, but I was still in my flannel nightgown, which is too short.  I had snow down my neck, snow in my pockets, snow all over my camera, and snow in my too-short black booties. 

I returned to the Writing Studio and Bait Shop grimly triumphant, dogs in tow.  The Cowboy spent the balance of the morning chewing off his snowball collection.

It is still snowing, but it could be worse.  Bruce Laidlaw writes that Ann Arbor is having rain and 50 mph winds.  I believe I need a nap.