Thorns amidst the berries, roses amongst the thorns

Posted on December 8, 2009


As we slide toward the darkest time of the year, we look for reasons to hope. We always find them, blessings mixed in with the thorns of Advisory! Winter storm warning! If the morning walk is a bit nippy, we notice little things we hadn’t seen before. The Cowboy notices deer tracks leading into the swamp, and I notice tiny red berries on a thorny shrub. (While I am taking pictures of the berries the Cowboy and Miss Sadie are investigating the swamp. Fortunately it is easy to track them in the snow, and I retrieve them fairly easily. Not so easily that I had hands left to take photos. Here are the berries.)

If my steps are covered in heavy snow—and tonight they will be if the Weather widget is to be believed—there is the cheery sight of Tom Morrison pulling up to clear them, thus earning a bit more for Young Eddie’s college fund. In fact, let me introduce you to Young Eddie and his parents, Cheryl and Tom.

There now. Don’t you feel better about the future?