Oh goody. More snow.

Posted on December 10, 2009


We had a perfectly lovely walk this morning once we managed to find the road.  We are working on a new board game called “Where’s Cowboy?” and spent some time taking pictures for that. 

It was a fairly monochromatic day, so it was no hardship to go off to the other day job, where I spent the afternoon inside, beavering away over exasperating medical billing issues.  Imagine, then, stepping outside and discovering a technicolor evening!  Very off to see the Wizard, if you know what I mean.

The Township Hall shows to best advantage at twilight, particularly when there’s no one there but the EMS night shift.  (And spare a good thought for them, will you?  They’ve had a busy time of it in this weather.)

US-31 was full of snow devils and it was impossible to see lane markings.  We followed in each other’s tracks, hoping the driver at the head of the caravan knew the way.  The Eastport Market appeared, glowing in the distance like a safe harbor.  Sandy Boyer and Bob Hicks and Ron Boss were working tonight.  Spare a good thought for them, too – they’re all on their way home as I write this.

I came home with fried chicken and a good attitude, and was welcomed accordingly.  So far our power is holding.  We are going to tuck ourselves in for a good read and a nice long sleep.  May all of you be safe tonight, and content in your den, wherever it may be.