Postcards from Chris and Sonny

Posted on December 4, 2009


Chris and Sonny Szejbach have been lounging on the beach in Florida.  Yesterday Chris wrote:  I understand it is snowing at home.  We had a storm last nite and the rocket launch was postponed to tonite.  Hope to get pictures.  We see these cruise ships come into port daily, thought I’d share.

OK, I thought. Rub it in. I told her that was one monster boat and made her write more. Today’s email:

Hi Gerry,

I think the size of the “boat” is emphasized because we are so close to it. Our resort is the closest property to the port. It really is something to see tho, there are about 4 ships that come and go about every other day (along with ocean barges, fishing boats, etc.) A few years ago when we were here we saw a submarine come into port. That was cool too.

Last nite we were expecting a rocket launch but the weather didn’t co-operate. Tonite they will try again but it doesn’t sound promising. It is a communications satellite for Iraq and Afganistan military operations. We have been coming here (this area) for about 20 years now. With Sonny’s military benefits, we enjoy all the activity and the space program is a big deal here. There is always something going on.

Anyway, we will be back to reality on Monday and open for business on Friday. Don’t look forward to the snow at this time but everyone here is in the Christmas spirit and it’s hard to fathom with tropical weather and no snow. Just doesn’t fit.

So this is all good news. Christmas looks better dressed in snow. Chris and Sonny are coming back next week, as promised. And there are cinnamon rolls in my future.  Not a moment too soon, really.  Looky here:

Sonny's closed thru Dec 10

Day Park deserted

Torch Lake looking grumpy