Warning to businesses

Posted on December 6, 2009


Telemarketers have been scamming local businesses that accept credit cards, particularly Discover cards.  The operation does NOT require that anyone at the business give out an account number.  That information is already available to the thieves.  What they need is someone to say “Yes” in answer to a question.  Then payments for non-existent goods and services are withdrawn from the business account.  Month after month, until someone at the business notices that the deductions are improper.

Read John King’s post, A business headache, on the Orchard Talks blog for the details.  Then check your own statements and accounts.  Then you might spare a moment to raise a little Cain about why we permit financial institutions to give our private information to thieves. 

No pretty picture with this post.  If I could upload audio files, I’d record Miss Sadie growling.  She can be fairly impressive when she’s annoyed.