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First stop: Torch Lake emerges from winter

March 31, 2011


I was scouting routes for our 5k run/walk and decided that wherever we meander we have to stop here.

Boats on fire, a plague of locusts, sheriffs descending on the Day Park – what next?

June 4, 2010


Everyone seems to think I will have an answer to all the pressing questions of the day.  Not necessarily the right answer, mind you, but one that will serve.  Dean Branson wants to know about the burning boat on Torch Lake.  All I know is that a small boat caught fire, no one was hurt, […]

Big changes at Sonny’s and new condos on Torch Lake

January 26, 2010


During the winter months I’m inclined to look around the Writing Studio and Bait Shop and think to myself, Surely there’s a better way to organize this place.  Then I take the dogs for a walk and the fit passes.  Chris and Sonny Szejbach are made of sterner stuff.  They’ve been rearranging the furniture at […]

Postcards from Chris and Sonny

December 4, 2009


Chris and Sonny Szejbach have been lounging on the beach in Florida.  Yesterday Chris wrote:  I understand it is snowing at home.  We had a storm last nite and the rocket launch was postponed to tonite.  Hope to get pictures.  We see these cruise ships come into port daily, thought I’d share. OK, I thought. […]

Planning to have fun, Chapter One: Pickleball and goose poop

August 22, 2009


It was a drizzly day at the Day Park, and everywhere else in the County as far as I can tell, but the intrepid Torch Lake Township Recreation Plan Committee was undeterred. We would go ahead with the Public Input Session (which we had cleverly named Lemonade in the Park to entice people to come—sort […]

Construction zone

July 13, 2009


Just some bits and pieces about . . . Damage to the boat ramp at the Day Park.  Here’s the story I did for the Elk Rapids News, plus some photos of the damage and this update: someone made an attempt to fill in the collapsed section by tossing some stones into it. Probably not […]