OK it’s snowing. Happy?

Posted on December 3, 2009


Dale Reedy, my plow guy (and artist in wood, but that’s another post) has been doing snow-dances for a month.  Every time he sees me he slaps an evil grin on his face and reminds me that soon, soon he will be plowing out my drive and sending me enormous bills.  “Ha!” I say.  “There is no snow, Dale.  Maybe we are in for an exceptionally mild winter.”  He just grins.  Evilly. 

Dale is not alone.  Snow means prosperity for lots of us.  When it falls, skiers and snowmobilers come here to play.  They spend money in restaurants and stores and at hotels and resorts and generally dress the place up a treat.  So, we’re ambivalent.  We don’t really want to shovel it and drive in it . . . but we’re glad to have the business.  Besides, most of us who live here year round have a sneaking fondness for a really good snow.  The fluffy kind that makes everything look fresh and lovely.  

Last night when I got home the bay was roaring and there were tiny bits of sleet in the air.  I took the dogs for a walk on the beach, which was a mistake, as I was paying attention to the crashing waves and Miss Sadie and the Cowboy were paying attention to escape routes.  Off they went into the dark and stormy night, leaving me to trudge up and down the beach, the steps at the circle access, the steps at the Neoma access, the road, calling them and waving my little flashlight in utter futility.  When I finally gave up and went home, they were waiting for me on the deck.  I was so glad to see them I didn’t even give them the scolding they richly deserved.  I did send them to bed with no treats.

This morning we got up late and there it was.  The first snow to stick.  There isn’t much yet, but it’s still coming down. 

Time to strap on the YakTrax.  Time to park the car in the garage instead of the driveway. 

But Dale?  Not time to plow yet.  Pretty soon, maybe.  But not yet.