There is no snow

Posted on December 1, 2009


I was sure I would wake up this morning and have a freshly-dusted sparkly world to photograph for you. Ha. The sleet I drove through to get home last night is all melted away. It never turned to snow. There is no snow. I emphasize this because I can tell from the searches that bring you here that you want to see snow. So do the ski resorts, but there isn’t any.

However, I have snowy pictures from last winter, and the winter before. Lots of them. Lessee . . . here’s one Katherine took of the old stone silo out on the Flat Road:

Betty Beeby says there’s a story connected to that silo. She’s digging through her files to find it. I’m going to go over there and help her. (I have to get out of here. When Jack Bodis sees I’ve put a snowy picture on the blog when there isn’t even any snow he’s gonna be seriously annoyed.)

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