The Monthly Correction

Posted on November 7, 2009


Fresh from my humiliation over the State Record Muskie, I am preparing another crow pie. However, this one I’m going to put in the freezer until Norton Bretz gets back from Hong Kong, because he knows more about all this than I do anyway, and I cling to the hope that I’m not altogether wrong, just, probably, mostly wrong.

You will recall that I told you the Torch Lake Cribs were the remnants of the old lumbering era docks. Well . . . I have discovered that they might, in fact, be much more recent additions to the lake, built and sunk specially to provide places for fish to hide out. (Fish like giant, ferocious muskies, laughing their ventral fins off at my confusion.) I have been in touch with Chris Doyal, who has a wonderful website about wreck-diving and underwater photography and nautical archaeology. Chris has given me permission to publish these photos on Torch Lake Views–the better to rat myself out.

Torch Lake Cribs Diver - (c) Chris Doyal

Torch Lake Cribs Diver - (c) Chris Doyal

Torch Lake Cribs - (c) Chris Doyal

Torch Lake Cribs - (c) Chris Doyal - The planks were inserted through the structure so that rocks could be piled on top, causing the whole thing to sink to the bottom.

Chris is careful.  He says the structures appear to be of more recent vintage.  He does not say AHH-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, you made a big fat mistake!  I appreciate that.  I added a link to his site in the Neighbors Around the Bay section, which I suppose makes it Neighbors Around and Under the Bay.  When Norton gets back I’ll ask him to help me pin down the remains of the lumber mill docks and distinguish them from the fish structures.  So many blogly duties.

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