The tender inner parts of Autumn in Torch Lake Township

Posted on October 28, 2009


Barb's birchYesterday was a good day. Everywhere I looked something glowed. When I went to see Barb Higgins for my regular shearing, I stopped to make portraits of her birch tree.  She caught me at it and laughed.  It’s her favorite tree, and although one customer told her she should cut it down to make more room for parking, she thinks not. I’m glad it’s staying. Just look at that bright white bark against the gold. Then look more closely at the tender inner bark.

Barb's birch closeup

Barnes Park - October glowLater in the day Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I went to Barnes Park, where the last of the color lit the trails.  Here and there autumn mushrooms sprouted. I have no plans to take up wild mushroom gathering, as I have no confidence in my ability to survive it, but I am getting interested in mushroom cultivation. The folks at Island and Wagbo and the MSU Extension have been doing workshops, and Jim Ruster at Mitchell Hill Farm over in Ellsworth has undertaken to keep me from making an idiot of myself. We’ll see.

Barnes Park - October mushroom

Barnes Park - October mushroom gills

This is the time when I would be nowhere else.  The Writing Studio and Bait Shop perches in a wonderland of gold and bronze and copper.  The very air shimmers.  Who, me rake?

Writing Studio and Bait Shop in Autumn Gold and Bronze and Copper

Who, me rake?